Welcome to Cheliax, the Infernal Empire

It has been 109 years since the patron god of humanity, Aroden failed to make his prophecised return to Golarion, spinning the world into the Age of Lost Omens. Whilst every nation has been touched by the god’s death, none have been more changed than Cheliax, who claimed Aroden as their patron.

Civil war soon flared and after over three decades of conflict, one noble house stood victorious. House Thrune of Egorian, known diabolists and devil-worshippers, had won the throne and Abrogail Thrune I was crowned Queen, backed up by a pact with the god-fiend ruler of Hell Asmodeus himself.

And so life in Cheliax settled into an uncomfortable normality, where slavery and devil-worship were the norm. Once the pride of the Inner Sea, Cheliax is now watched with wary disdain by her neighbours as she lost power and control over her vassal states.

Then the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw found the sword of Iomedae, once a mortal Cheliaxian woman, now inheritor of Aroden’s divinity. Decried as heretics by the rest of the Iomedaen church, the Godclaw refused to surrender the blade and a group of Iomedaen paladins retaliated by storming Citadel Dinyar and defeated the Hellknights.

Not content with merely wielding the blade of Iomedae, the leader of these knights, Alexeara Cansellarion declared her intent to free all of Cheliax from the rule of House Thrune and declared a Glorious Reclaimation of the nation from its infernal rulers.

And so began the second Chelish Civil War…

Hell's Vengeance

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